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Welcome to the Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas'
Adjunct Faculty Website!

The purpose of this website is to provide adjunct faculty with answers to their most commonly asked questions, as well as
up-to-date information and access to resources needed as an employee of the college.  You are an important part of PCCUA!  Please search the website for useful information.

General Information and Orientation
provides information about the things an instructor needs to know upon hire or the first day of class.

Teaching and Learning Center and Instruction links.

Covers the faculty responsibilities, grading polices, course information and general college policy.
Tips & Strategies
Provides teaching tips and strategies that can be utilized in the classroom.
Adjunct Directory
List all adjuncts for the three campuses.
Blooms Taxonomy
Cognitive Objectives -Assess, set objectives, move learning upward, evaluate.
Intranet and Email
Provides instructions for these areas.
Teaching Style Assessment
This instrument is designed to provide insights into your teaching style.
Syllabus template provided as well as how to access all course syllabi through the Intranet.
Campus Contacts
Adjunct coordinators for each campus.
Student Referral
Provides instructions for the process of completing a student referral.
Mid-term and Final grades
Early Alert
The Early Alert Committee recommends early assessment of student learning to determine if the student is succeeding in the course.
Student Enrollment-Rosters
How to access copies of student rosters.
How to Submit a Help Desk Ticket in WebAdvisor
Problems logging into Email, WebAdvisor, Network, or Blackboard.
Concurrent Credit
Concurrent credit coordinators for each campus.
Links to office schedule template, academic calendar, general course information.
Process for faculty evaluation -Student Evaluation of Instruction.
Student Success
Website created for student information.
Defines assessment at PCCUA and links to college assessment webpage, resources for assessment.

PCCUA Faculty Handbook
(Click faculty/staff link below to access the
Vice Chancellor for Instruction webpage for
the Faculty handbook and other academic resources.)

PCCUA Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Adjunct Faculty Handbook 2010-2011

Adjunct Faculty Handbook 2011-2012


Student Success Web Site


Adjunct Orientation

DeWitt Campus

Helena Campus

Stuttgart Campus



PCCUA Student Engagement


Helpful Links:


The helpful links provides access to many resources.

  •    The develop faculty link takes you to a location
        which provides tips of the week as well as
        online resources for many educational topics.
  •    The PCCUA site provides information about
       the  college.
  •    The professional development link takes you
        to a great education resource that relates to
        specific classroom issues such as instruction,
        news, forms, resources, policies and practices
        and new faces on campus.
  •   The On Course link has wonderful teaching
      strategies listed that can be applied to any
  •   The Quia link (Quintessential Instructional
      Archive) provides a wide variety of tools for
      interactive teaching.
  •   The Quizlet link is a free site that allows you to
      create sets of information. It includes practice
       tests, matching games and activities to help
       students review material. It is free but does
       require users to set up an username and
       password. It also links to Facebook. Great
       resource! Students love it.


Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas

Debbie Hardy                        Director of Student Success          


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