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Career and Technical Centers are education agencies approved by the Arkansas Department of Career Education (ACE) and the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) to offer workforce education programs of studies to high schools in order to help them meet the state required minimum number of programs.  In addition to high school credit, students affiliated with the PCC C&TC receive college credit for the classes they attend, and many earn Certificates of Proficiency in the areas in which they participate.

Any 10th, 11th, or 12th grade student who attends a high school that has an agreement with the Center and meets the criteria for the class can attend the C&TC.

Centers are funded through the ACE which pays FTE funds for students who attend the center.  High schools that participate in the center also pay an education and service fee for use of the faculty and the facilities.  In addition, the center can apply to the ACE for grants for equipment for the programs.

The following programs are offered on the PCCUA C&TC campuses:

DeWitt:   Criminal Justice, Welding, Agribusiness Systems/Plant Systems-Horticulture, Medical Professions Education, and Computer Engineering

Helena:  Criminal Justice, Advanced Manufacturing, Medical Professions Education, and Computer Engineering

Stuttgart:  Medical Professions Education, Computer Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, and Criminal Justice

Career and Technical Center students help the college fully utilize its faculty, facilities, and staff by increasing the number of students engaged in our courses.  The funding by the ACE and the participation fees paid by the high schools assist  in operating the centers.  The equipment grants allow the purchase of equipment that the college might not otherwise be able to supply for students.

Public schools that participate in the C&TC’s  benefit financially from the arrangement.  Funds that are paid to the centers for educational services are reimbursed to the schools districts by the state the following year.  This is not the case with regular “concurrent credit” classes.  Additionally, the school districts are not responsible for the cost of facilities, faculty, and other expenses related to providing those programs. 

Career and Technical Center Contacts:


Campus Contact





Diana Graves



High School Relations Office

Helena-West Helena

Aaron Germany



High School Relations Office


Michelle Blasengame



High School Relations Office


Campus Campus Contact Phone Extension Location
DeWitt   870-946-2644   Front Desk
Helena   870-338-7542   Admin Build
Stuttgart   870-673-8166    
DeWitt Campus, (870) 946-3506  Helena-West Helena Campus,  (870) 338-6474   Stuttgart Campus (870) 673-4201
Street Address:
PCCUA Helena, Campus Drive, Helena-West Helena AR 72342| PCCUA DeWitt, 1210 Rice Belt Ave, DeWitt AR 72042| PCCUA Stuttgart, 2807 Hwy 165 South, Stuttgart, AR  72160-2408