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Math Structures I Math Structures II

Math Structures

Math Structures I and II are courses designed to prepare the prospective teacher for teaching mathematics in the elementary and middle school classrooms. First, the teacher must understand herself the nature of mathematics. This is done not only by studying the textbook and working on exercises from it, but by using worksheets and hands-on activities which help produce a solid understanding of how math is structured. Some of these activities can be used in the elementary and middle school classroom. Lastly, the work done in these courses will be helpful in passing the math division of the Praxis.

For more details go to the Math Structures I page or the Math Structures II page.

Geometry Figures




Radio Interview
(Mrs. Gookin's ideas about teaching and learning since the 1950's.)

Hidden Talent
(Why teachers must be patient with the slowest students. They may bloom in a miraculous way.)

Endangered Minds
(These are notes taken from a book written in the 1990's)

Should calculators be used in elementary and middle school?
Answer 1 & Answer 2






The worst thing about teaching is all the paperwork! It makes you go gray before your time, especially when the papers reveal that the children aren't learning the material. Yet, they are learning something that may have a greater impact on their lives. They are learning your character.


Try to name the geometry figures above.


I like a teacher who gives you something to take
home to think about besides homework.
~Lily Tomlin as "Edith Ann"

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