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 PN Important Notes:

*ACTS course numbers are provided in parentheses when applicable.

*Practical Nursing (PN) courses must be taken in the sequence prescribed above.

*Once a student enrolls in the PN Program, if the student is unsuccessful in any PN course, the student does not have the option to use a general education course in lieu of a required PN course to satisfy degree requirements.

*The students must pass a Math Competency Exam with a minimum grade of 90% before enrolling in Level II nursing courses.

*Students taking developmental courses before enrolling in the Practical Nursing  Program are strongly encouraged to take Intro to Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology I and II.


Practical Nursing
Technical Certificate  (NGPN.TC D * H)


Semester Hours

6  hours
EH 113 (ENGL 1013), Freshman English I, or higher  3  
MS 1123, Intermediate Algebra or higher  3  
Level I

18 hours

PN 112, Nursing I 12
PN 103, Human Structure and Function  3
PN 101, Vocational, Ethical, and Legal Concepts  1
PN 102, Nursing of the Geriatric Client  2
Level II
16 hours
PN 201, Principles of Nutrition 1
PN 214, Principles of Pharmacology 4
PN 223, Nursing of Mothers and Infants 3
PN 203, Nursing of Children 3
PN 211, Nursing of Mental Health Clients 1
PN 224, Nursing II 4


Level III
14 hours
PN 213, Nursing III 13
PN 231, Applied Diet Therapy   1
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