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Jeanne McCullars, BS, RN

PN Program Coordinator

Helena-West Helena and DeWitt Campuses

Alternate Admission

The number of unfilled spaces for each class is determined by availability of faculty and clinical facilities. Students may also enter the program by transferring from another practical nursing program or as re-entry as space allows.

  • Re-entry students are those who successfully completed PCCUA nursing courses, but separated from the program within the last three years.

  • Transfer students are those who left another nursing program and are seeking to enroll with or without advanced placement in the PCCUA program.

    • Transfer students will not receive an application for admission to the PN Program until the PN Program Coordinator receives a letter of good standing from the Director/Chair/Dean of the program from which the student is transferring. Good standing is defined as being eligible for enrollment in the program from which the student is transferring.

    • Transfer students must contact the PN Program Coordinator to discuss placement in the program. 

  1. Applications may be obtained from the PN Program Coordinator on the DeWitt campus.
  2. The completed application must be received in the office of the PN Program Coordinator on the DeWitt campus no later than June 1st to be considered for admission to the fall semester or October 1st to be considered for admission to the spring semester. Applications will only be accepted by mail, and no late applications will be accepted.
  3. Students applying for alternate admission are ranked according to the following criteria and are admitted in a 1 to 3 ratio with applicants seeking readmission until either group  or space available is exhausted. Remaining space(s) will be filled from the non-exhausted group. 
    • Qualified re-entry applicants will be ranked according to the total number of quality points earned in required nursing courses plus 6 points.
    • Qualified transfer applicants will be ranked according to the total number of quality points earned in PCCUA required nursing courses. 
  4. When two or more of the above applicants have an equal number of total points, applicants will be admitted according to the date and time the application was received in the Nursing Department office on the DeWitt campus.
  5. Applicants who are not selected or who elect not to enroll must submit another application and meet Math Competency Exam requirements to be considered for the next year.
  6. Rare exceptions to the Alternate Admission Policy can be made by the Faculty Committee.

Advanced Placement

Licensed or unlicensed emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and certified or non-certified nursing assistants (CNAs) do not receive advanced placement in the practical nursing program.

Math Competency Exam:

The Math Competency Exam is a prerequisite for all alternate admission students except for transfer students seeking enrollment in Level I. Exam times are scheduled with the PN Program Coordinator. The applicant must pass the Math Competency Exam within three months of enrollment. A maximum of three (3) opportunities are offered to score 90% or above on the exam. Only a basic calculator with the capacity to add, subtract, multiply, and divide can be used. No calculators with advanced functions are allowed.  Any missed exam will be counted as a fail. Applicants who fail to score a minimum of 90% on the Math Competency Exam will not be eligible for enrollment.

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