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Division of Arts and Sciences
Contact Information:


Helena-West Helena: 

(870) 338-6474 Ext. 1370 or 1309


(870) 946-3506 Ext. 1610


(870) 673-4201 Ext. 1825

(870) 338-7542
Postal address:

 PO Box 785 Helena, AR 72342

Today's society requires successful individuals to possess a wide range of skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Individuals must have, not only a highly specialized knowledge in a particular field of endeavor, but also a broader range of knowledge, competencies and appreciations. The Division of Arts and Sciences has the responsibility of assisting students in developing both specialized and general skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to lead a good, responsible, and happy life.
The Division of Arts and Sciences provides general education requirements for  those students planning (1) to transfer to 4-year colleges and university, (2) to enter professions, or (3) to engage in other gainful occupations and vocations.

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DeWitt Campus, (870) 946-3506  Helena-West Helena Campus,  (870) 338-6474   Stuttgart Campus (870) 673-4201
Street Address:
PCCUA Helena, Campus Drive, Helena-West Helena AR 72342| PCCUA DeWitt, 1210 Rice Belt Ave, DeWitt AR 72042| PCCUA Stuttgart, 2807 Hwy 165 South, Stuttgart, AR  72160-2408