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Gilgamesh Quiz Questions
Quiz #1



 1. Why do the people of Uruk complain about Gilgamesh?

 2. How do the gods propose to solve the problems Gilgamesh causes?

 3. Why does Enkidu pose a problem for trappers?

 4. When the trapper complains about his problem to his father and
    Gilgamesh,  what do they suggest he do?

 5. What happens when Gilgamesh first meets Enkidu?  What is the outcome
    of the meeting?

 6. What is the irony of this situation?

 7. When Enkidu complains that he has become oppressed by idleness,  what
    does Gilgamesh suggest they do?

 8. How does Shamash feel about Gilgamesh going to Humbabaís land? 

 9. Who feels sympathy for Humbaba when he pleads for  life?

10. Why does Gilgamesh refuse to marry Ishtar?

11. What happens when Gilgamesh refuses to marry Ishtar?  How does she

12. List one thing Enkidu curses before he dies?

13. After Enkiduís death, Gilgamesh goes on a journey in search of what?

14. Gilgamesh will not bury Enkidu until what happens to Enkiduís body?

15. Gilgamesh destroys the ferrymanís tackles in anger, why is this important?

16. Gilgamesh has to cut 120 poles to cross the ocean, why?

17. What test does Utnapishtim use to determine if Gilgamesh is worthy of
     eternal life?

18. Does Gilgamesh pass or fail the test?  Who has proof of this and what is
     the proof?

19. Why is the ferryman banished?  Who banishes him?

20. Who feels sorry for Gilgamesh?  As a result of this, what does
      Utnapishtim offer Gilgamesh?

21. Does this offer succeed or fail?  Explain.

22. Enkidu and the harlot stay with the sheers until they receive news that
     Gilgamesh is going to do what offensive thing?

23. How does Ishtar threaten her father to convince him to punish

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  QUIZ # 1 (alternate quiz)



1.         Even though Ishtar promises Gilgamesh great riches, why doesnít he
            want to marry her?


2.         What does Ishtar do when Gilgamesh refuses to marry her?


3.         List one thing or person Enkidu curses before he dies?


4.         How is Enkiduís death pathetic?  Why is it unheroic?


5.         What does Gilgamesh do after Enkiduís death?  Why?


6.         Why does Gilgamesh refuse to bury Enkidu?  What is he waiting to


7.         What does Gilgamesh destroy in anger?    How is this significant?


8.         Why must Gilgamesh cut 120 poles to cross the ocean?


9.         How does Utnapishtim determine if Gilgamesh is worthy of eternal


10.       Does Gilgamesh pass the test?  Explain.


11.       Why is the ferryman banished?


12.       What does Utnapishtim offer Gilgamesh?  Why?


13.       How does this offer fail?


14.       How is Adam created?  Compare and contrast the Gilgamesh and
           the Biblical creation story.



15.       Adam earned a short life of sorrow relieved by death,  How does this
            compare to the Epic of Gilgamesh?


16.       What special ability does Joseph have?  Explain.


17.       Is Joseph more like Gilgamesh or Enkidu?  Why?


18.       What is the significance of the flood in the Bible and in Gilgamesh.
Compare and contrast  the two stories.


19.       In the Book of Job, how can a loving God allow suffering?


20.       Is Job more like Gilgamesh or Enkidu?

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