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What are PCCUA High School Enrollment Programs?

Concurrent enrollment allows high school students the opportunity to enroll in college level courses while continuing their high school courses and activities. Many options are open to high school students.

  1. Concurrent enrollment –students take classes for college credit. These classes are typically  taught on the high school campus, by a high school instructor, for college credit.
  2. Secondary Center -these courses are taught on the PCCUA campus and supplement career and technical course options which are unavailable on the high school campus
  3. Dual enrollment-students enroll in college classes at PCCUA. They are registered in classes with other students. 
  4. Combinations-students may enroll in a combination of two or three programs as  concurrent, Secondary Center, and dual enrolled status.

All high school  enrollment classes are college level courses available to high school students.  Students may receive high school and college credit simultaneously.
All concurrent enrollment instructors must be approved by PCCUA.  They are qualified to  teach college level courses and use the college curriculum. Aspects of the high school enrollment classes parallel the College sharing a common syllabi, textbook, assignments, tests, and grading process.

DeWitt Campus, (870) 946-3506  Helena-West Helena Campus,  (870) 338-6474   Stuttgart Campus (870) 673-4201
Street Address:
PCCUA Helena, Campus Drive, Helena-West Helena AR 72342| PCCUA DeWitt, 1210 Rice Belt Ave, DeWitt AR 72042| PCCUA Stuttgart, 2807 Hwy 165 South, Stuttgart, AR  72160-2408