England 1066-1307

England 1066-1307                          

    I.  Norman Conquest
A. Edward's heirs:  Harold; William, Duke of Normandy
B.  Battle of Hastings  Oct. 14,1066
     C   The Norman settlement of England
1. Land distribution
D. Law
E. Language
F. Church-state relations
G. Relations of King of England/Duke of Normandy to   King of France
         H .  Anglo-Saxon royal government retained
1. shire/sheriff
2. taxes  
3. law   
I.  Domesday Book

II.   William II, "William Rufus" (the Red) 1087-1100

III. Henry I ,1100-1135 English Government under Henry I
     A.  Law
           1. Itinerant Judges 
     B.  Dialogue Concerning the Exchequer
           1.  Pipe rolls

           2.  Shield money/ scutage

IV.  Civil War between Stephen and Matilda
      A. Matilda
      B. Stephen

V.  Henry II, 1154-1189
       A  Government of Henry II
                1. juries
        B. Church-state legal issues

               1.Constitutions of Clarendon
        C.  Henry's Foes

VI.  Richard I, 1189-1199

VII. John, 1199-1216
Magna Carta

VIII. Henry III, 1216-1272
          A. Provisions of Oxford
          B. Simon de Monfort

IX. Edward I, 1272-1307
            A.  The Early Years

            B.  Later Difficulties
                    1. Robert the Bruce
            C. Law

                    1.Statutes of Edward I


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