The Greeks


I.  Iliad and Odyssey  c.800 b.c.

II.  Polis/city-state 
A. Impact of geography of its development

     B. Types of Government ( 800-500, b.c.)
          1. Monarchy  (rule by a single person)
          2. Oligarchy   (government by a few often for selfish purposes)
          3. Tyranny  (absolute power is vested in a single ruler)
          4.  Democracy  (government by the citizens)

III.  Life in the City-state
     A.  Sparta
           1.  Democracy
               a. 2 kings
               b.  Council
               c.  Assembly
               d. Ephorate
           2.  Spartan Life
               a.  war machine
               b.  women

B. Athens

          1.  Democracy
               a. Assembly
               b. Council of 500
          2.  Leadership in Persian Wars
               a.  Battle of Marathon
               b. The Oracle at Delphi
          3.  Delian League
               a.  Peloponnesian War                                   
          4.  Cultural Achievements
               a. Age of Pericles (495-429, b.c.)
                    i. Parthenon (447-432, b.c.)
                b.  Drama
                    i.  Aeschylus (525-456, b.c.)
                    ii  Sophocles  (496-406, b.c.)
                    iii. Aristophanes (448-380, b.c.)
               c. Philosophers
                    i. Sophists
                    ii.Socrates (469-399, b.c.)
                    iii.Plato   (426-347,b.c.)
                    iv.Aristotle  (384-322, b.c.)
               d. Historians
                     i. Herodotus  (480-420,b.c.)
                     ii.Thucydides  (460-400,b.c.)





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