Manor and manorialism


      I.  Lord of the Manor
A. role

               1.Medieval Warfare
               2. Manners and Customs of the Noble and Powerful

B. home--castle

               1. Motte and Bailey Castles
               2.   Stone keep castles

               3.  Life in a Castle

       II.  Freemen in village

       III   Serfs in village   
            A.  The lifestyle of Medieval Peasants

            B. Agriculture

                 1. Farming calendar in the Middle Ages   Medieval Farming Calendar
            C .  Entertainment
            D.   Feudal Services



Medieval chronology

Life During the Middle Ages

Medieval Society and Culture

Nova, Life in castle 

Wichamstow  interesting location of what life would have been like

 Medieval Technology Pages - Subject Index

Medieval Farm Tools

Fees which a feudal lord imposes on his serfs for the use of his mill, oven, wine press, or similar facilities. It some times includes part of a fish catch or the proceeds from a rabbit warren.


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