French Revolution                                                  

Western Civilization pp. 536-551


French Revolution  brief but good overview, be sure to go to all the sections (listed at the end of the section) and go to all the links found within each section.   French_Revolution another good summary

I. Factors in the French Revolution 
   A. Enlightenment 
   B. French Society--Three Estates 
   C. Decline of Royal Prestige
        1. The Diamond Necklace Affair
   D. Financial Problems 
   E. Food Shortages 
               The Rising of the Country  Districts (good description of problems of peasants)
II. Reign of Louis XVI   1774-1792
    A.  The Origins of the French Revolution    

III. Constants in the course of the Revolution 
     A. Rumor
     B. Inflation
     C. Food Shortages
     D. Women        Women in the Revolution Recommended by Mrs. Michaels' class Green Mountain CS
     E. Violence
IV. Estates General 
      A. French Revolution Moderate stage
V. National Assembly, 1789-1791 
     A. Tennis Court oath  
     B. Paris Commune, National Guard,   Tri Color, French Flag
     C. The Rural Revolt radical view)
     D Storming the Bastille   , July 14, 1789 
     E. The August Decrees
     F.Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
     G. March to Versailles1789 
     H. Move to Paris 
      I.  Civil Constitution of the Clergy  1790 
         1. Assignat
         2. non-juring clergy 
     J. Constitution of 1791 
     K.   Flight to Varennes     Royal Flight,/ the Village of Varennes 1791 

VI.  The Legislative Assembly and the fall of the French monarchy
     A. Political differences in the Assembly 
         1. Left--The Mountain and the Gironde    
         2. Right--nobility, clergy               
         3. Middle--Plain, middle class 

   V.  The French Revolution , The Radical Stage , 1792-1794
            A. The Radical Revolution
            B. War, Terror 1792
            C. Storming the Tuileries,summer 1792
             D.September Massacres:  1792
VI. National Convention 1792-1795   
     A.   The Execution of Louis XVI, 1793
           1.   Louis XVII, the lost Dauphin
     B.  Gironde and the Mountain
     C.  The Committee of Public Safety  1792-1795 

     D. The Vendee Revolt   ( Episodes   go here to read about specific events)
     E.   Reign of Terror, 1793-1794 
     F.  Fall of Robespierre    
     G.  Thermidorian Reaction  July 1794 

VII.  The Directory 1795-1799 

 VIII.  Legacies of the French Revolution



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