Napoleon 1769-1821


Western Civilization pp.552-559

I.  Life Story (be sure to continue following the links "more")
   A. Corsica 
      1. Family  (be sure to read about each family member)
   B. Education/career 
   C. Revolution 
   D.  Siege of Toulon
   E. Marriage---Josephine de Beauharnais
   F. Italian campaign
   G  Campaign in Egypt
        1.  Rosetta.Stone
III. Consulate---First Consul 1799-1804 

IV. History of France, Foreign Policy 1804-1813    
      A.  Battle of Ulm
      B. Battle of Austerlitz
      C.  Battle of Jena

V.. Domestic Policy 
      A.   The Code Napoleon  
      B.   Concordat of 1801
      C.   Education
VI.  Emperor
       A.  Marie-Louise of Austria
VII. Downfall   
      A.  Peninsular War
           1. Duke of Wellington
      B. 1812 Invasion of Russia
           1.  Battle of Borodino
           2.  Why did Napoleon Fail in Russia in 1812?
      C.  Battle of Leipzig 1813 
      D. Elba 1813-1815 
      E. 100 Days Campaign
      F. Waterloo, 1815
      G. St. Helena 1815-1821 
           1.  The Transfer of Napoleon's Corpse

 VIII.   The Napoleonic Revolution


Time Line of the French Revolution


 What Kind Of Leader Was Napoleon Bonaparte?

 Was Napoleon an Heir to the French Revolution?

First-Hand Descriptions of Napoleon

 Why is Napoleon's hand in his coat?

Comparison of Wellington and Napoleon     ( an English bias)

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