Western Civilization pp.434-439

Stuarts (1603-1714) 

    I. James I /James I of England 1603-1625/ James VI of Scotland 
       A. Religion 
       B. Parliament 

II.   Charles I (1625-1649)
       A. Religion 
           Puritans  (numerous links about Stuarts)
       B. Charles the First and Parliament, 1625-29

III.   The English Civil War   1642-1649  English Civil War (good account)
       A. Cavaliers.
       B. Roundheads.
            1.  The New Model Army
        C.  Trial of Charles I
IV. Interregnum    1649-1660 
       A. Oliver Cromwell
             Life in Cromwell's England

V.  Aftershocks - Restoration  /   Restoration (another account)
      A.  The Declaration of Breda 1660

VI.   Charles II 1660-1685 "The Merry Monarch"
       A  Events of Charles II's reign
            1.  The Great Fire of London
            2.  The Great Plague
       B.. Parliament 
       C. Religion 
            1. Titus Oates and the Popish Plot  Test Act 1673

VII.   James II  , 1685-1688 

VIII.   Glorious Revolution  1688 ( a chronology.)
        A.  English Bill of Rights 1689

IX. William (1689-1702) and  Mary II  (1689-1694) 
       A.  1701   The Act of Settlement

X. Anne 1702-1714 
       A. The Act of Union

Be sure you are familiar with the biographies of James I, Charles I, Charles II, James II, William and Mary, Anne, Oliver Cromwell.  Note the failures of Charles I and James II to rule absolutely while Charles II did rule as he wished.  Note Charles II public role as opposed to how he ruled. Be sure to note how Parliament adds to its authority and grows as a partner of the Crown in governing England/Britain. Note the rise of political parties.


Mary Queen of Scots

   Guy Fawkes

English Civil War  extensive list of people, events regarding English Civil War, check it for people that you might want to know more about

Charles I Trial and execution

The Execution of Charles I

The Stuarts: James I, Charles I, and the English Civil War brief

Trial of Charles I

Declaration of Breda

 Charles II of England    biography and list of children

Tudor, Stuart, Hanoverian family  tree

Stuarts slide show.