Civil War/Reconstuction


Go to the following links and read the materials. The Response Questions for these topics are below.  These materials will be on the second exam Mar. 13-23

Civil War

Arkansas Reconstruction

The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture

Guidelines for reading/note taking:
1.  Organize your notes by dates ( in order to understand the timing/order of appearance of people/events)
 2. Note the important persons and events --how did the people affect the event, how did the event affect the people.
 3.  Where there is an outline on the topic page, it will  tell you what I consider to be the important persons/events of the topic. On other topic pages you must decide what is important. 
 4. Use the Response questions to guide your reading and note taking. Read through all the questions and then take each question to guide your reading and note taking. 
 5. Avoid selecting just two question and limiting reading to those two. 
 6. You will need to know information found in all of the readings for the exams, but the exams with be limited to the materials that you will read for the questions.

 After reading the materials  on the topic pages answer the Response Questions.

Students who use the work of others or who plagiarize will receive a failing grade for the work and can receive a failing grade for the class.  I am using SafeAssignment which checks students' work for plagiarizing. 


     1.The response will be a minimum of 350 words.
     2. Please write the question as the heading for your response and write your name on each page. 
     3. Your response should be double-spaced, using font size 10 or 12 ,using arial or other simple font.
     4. After using spell-check be sure to proof read your response before sending it.
     5. Be sure to save your work. 
     6. Remember your work should be  sent as a
Rich text file/format
     7. Send your work as a single document in the Blackboard Assignment link.

     8.  There is a five ( 5) point penalty for late work. Work will not be accepted two ( 2) days after the date due.


1.  It will be graded upon the content ( your understanding of the question, your analysis and synthesis of the materials and discussion )
2.  It will be graded on the correct usage of the language (spelling, punctuation, grammar, mechanics).
3.  Each question is worth 20 points/40 points for the two.
4.  The grading standard for the correct usage of the language will be
Edited American Standard.

Select two of the following Response Questions: Due Mar. 13 ( Thurs.12:00 noon)

1.  Describe life in Arkansas during the Civil War.

2.  Living in East Arkansas I think of Arkansas as a Southern state yet from its beginning it was a Western territory.  Describe those things which made Arkansas a Southern state.

3.  Describe the major battles (Pea Ridge, Helena, Little Rock and one or two others) the commanders, the results of the battles and the result of the battles on the cause of the Union or the cause of the Confederacy.

4.  Describe the role of the Freedmen's Bureau:  be sure to incorporate W.E.B. DuBois's essay in your discussion.

5.  What was Reconstruction? (both Presidential and Congressional), how did? or did it change the South and Arkansas?

6.  Summarize the article on Jeff Davis of Arkansas.  "A Study in Southern Demagoguery:  Jeff Davis of Arkansas."  ( the one in the Arkansas Historical Quarterly