Unit 4

Go to the following links, read the materials in the text book and the on-line materials. 

Guidelines for reading/note taking:
 1.  Organize your notes by dates ( in order to understand the timing/order of appearance of people/events)
 2. Note the important persons and events --how did the people affect the event, how did the event affect the people. 
 3.  Each page has terms that you should know and the end of each chapter contains terms you should know.
 4. Use the Response questions to guide your reading and note taking. Read through all the questions and     then take each question to guide your reading and note taking. 
 5. Avoid selecting just one question and limiting reading to that one. 
 6. You will need to know information found in all of the readings for the exams.


 These materials will be on the third exam april 20-30  This exam is proctored

  Chapter 13

  Chapter 14

Answer one response question from each chapter and send the two response questions as a single attachment to me via Blackboard Assignment link. Each question is worth 20 points/ 40 points for this section.  These questions are due April 18 ( Fri.. 12:00 noon)

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