If you do not have Microsoft Word, you must save your work as a rich text file/format.

 On the Tool Bar of your word processing document.

Under       FILE  go the Save as button 

      A screen/box labeled Save as will appear  
      At the bottom of that box you will find two spaces :

    File Name  here you will name the document you are working on
    Save as Type    here you will scroll down until you find the Rich Text file/format, choose this format                                                

       Now hit the save button.      

Note: Microsoft Office 2007 – If you are using this new version of Word you may need to save your documents as Microsoft Office 2003 documents with the .doc rather than the .docx extension.  If you are using Microsoft Works or WordPerfect word processing program, save your file and change the “save file as” to Rich Text Format.  This will allow your document to be opened by your instructor using any word processing program.