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Learning the basics of PLC technology

Nov 09, 2017

Automation has taken a front seat in today’s industrial age causing many industries to be dependent on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and PLC-trained personnel. PLCs are used to control mechanical equipment by programming in specific tasks for the machine to perform. Learning the basics of PLC technology can give you the knowledge to automate tasks. PCCUA-Helena is playing an active role in providing PLC training for the incumbent manufacturing workforce through a series of workshops coordinated by PCCUA’s workforce training coordinator Joe St. Columbia, Jr., with support from ADTEC/ADAPT. Using PCCUA’s newly remodeled industrial manufacturing lab, employees from Doughboy, Norac Additives, BPS, United Initiators, EnviroTech Chemical Services, and Amerimax Coated Products are shown participating in a PLC training workshop led by PCCUA instructor Mike Shaw. (Vicki Cobb photo)