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PCCUA announces workshop for learning computer skills

Mar 09, 2017

PCCUA instructor Kayla Holland (standing) says good computer skills are incredibly valuable in the workforce and can increase an employer’s interest in hiring you. Holland and PCCUA students  (seated, L-R) Shelby Gregory and Alice Jackson are announcing an upcoming Intro to Computers workshop at PCCUA-Helena. (Marla Riddell photo)


PCCUA announces workshop for learning computer skills


Nearly every aspect of our lives involves the use of computers, and those without computer skills are at a severe disadvantage. Helping participants become familiar with using a computer, Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas (PCCUA) announces an Intro to Computers workshop beginning April 11.

                Intro to Computers will help users identify hardware, manage computer files, and explore the desktop. The sessions will also include Internet browsing and helping participants learn e-mail skills. To take advantage of this workshop, participants must have the ability to use the mouse comfortably and possess basic typing skills.

                Taught by Kayla Holland, Intro to Computers will be presented from 5:00-8:50 p.m. April. 11, 13, and 18 in Room A110 of the Easley Administration Building. For more information or to register, call Kathy Dulaney at (870) 338-6474, ext. 1338.