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Hallmarks and the
Honors Study Topic

A New Honors Study Topic is presented to chapter advisors each Spring at Convention.    The new Honors Study Topic is  ______________________.    See more about this exciting topic and PTK's Hallmark focus for the coming year at ______________________.


The chapter President may be from Phillips county or Arkansas county, and each campus will have four hallmark vice presidents listed below:  The Vice Presidents must be available for a summer planning session, and will be in charge of the essay crediting the local chapter with the activities implemented in each area. News articles, letters of support and photos must accompany chapter essays.
Activities designed to implement the Scholarship Hallmark should focus primarily on the 2002-2004 Honors Study Topic, "Dimensions and Directions of Health: Choices in the Maze".  In addition to incorporating the Honors Study Topic, scholarship activities should also promote scholarship for students and faculty.
Activities designed to implement the Leadership Hallmark should create opportunities for the development of leadership skills for members, officers, fellow students and members of the community.  Chapters should also design activities that will allow them opportunities to assume leadership roles within the Society, the college and the community.
This hallmark focuses on the International Service Program that is changed every two years.  The next two years will focus on conquering cancer and is entitled Conquering Cancer: A Prevention and Awareness Program with the American Cancer Society.  For more information on this new challenge for Phi Theta Kappa, click this link:  This hallmark challenges members to serve others by helping diagnosed youth and young children to cope with cancer and healthful habits that could help to prevent cancer for those who are cancer free.  This link gives a few ideas about implementation of this program into the Service Hallmark:
Fellowship activities should promote chapter development among less active chapters, facilitate communication between chapters, and provide opportunities for chapters to gather together and discuss chapter programs.  Fellowship activities can also include those that develop campus regional unity or showcase the chapter as a participant in the college and community.  The best fellowship program offers a balance of social and scholarly events.

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