Academic Clemency Policy - A Student may be given academic clemency for up to 21 semester hours of unsuccessful academic work
Activity Point Matrix - Portfolio
Add/Drop Form - Student Adds or Drops a course
Adjunct Tuition Waiver - Adjunct Tuition Waiver
Application for Admission - Application for Admission
Arkansas State Witholding - State Witholding
Arkansas Vehicle Safety Program - Authorization to operate state vehicles and private vehicles on state business
Audit a Class - Request to Audit a Class
Cafeteria Plan Sec.125 Reimb - Cafeteria Plan Reimb
Certificate of Prof Application - Graduation Application for CP
Change of Address Form - Change of Address Form
Change of Major - Student request to change major
Copyright Checklist - Copyright checklist for mediated instructional delivery

Copy Service Request - Copy Service Request Form
Curriculum Change Form - Curriculum Change Form
Datatel Report Request - This form is used when requesting assistance with a report within Datatel
Demographic Correction Sheet - Student information change form
Dependent Care Sec.125 Reimb - Dependent Care Reimb
Employee Class - Employee to take a class during working hours
Employee Direct Deposit - Employee Direct Deposit

Employee Verbal Notice - Employee Verbal Notice
Employee Warning Notice - Employee Warning Notice
Employment Application- Application
Federal Witholding - W-4 2013
Graduation Application - Student's Graduation Application
Grid Adjunct Part-Time Form - Grid Adjunct Part-Time Instructor Form

Health Care Receipt - Health Care Receipt

Health Care Reform - Health Care Reform
I-9 Employement - Eligibility Verification

Incident Report - Incident Report
Incomplete Grade Contract - "I" Grade Contract
Independent Study Form Word / PDF - Independent Study Form
Instructor Information - Instructor Information for ADHE
Interlibrary Loan Request - Interlibrary Loan Request
Notice of Exessive Absence - EW Notice

On-Campus Request - On-Campus Request
Parking Regulations - Parking Regulations
Part Time Employment Form - Part Time Employment Form
Personnel Action Request - Request for Personnel Position
Policy Manual - Policy Manual

Retirement Plan Acknowledgement Form - Front   Back

Retirement Authorization (word) (pdf) - Retirement Authorization
Request for Grade Change - Request for Grade Change
Student Discipline Form - Student discipline (Offenses)
Student Emergency Fund - The purpose of this fund is to provide emergency financial assistance to full time students attending PCCUA

Syllabus Template - Color Logo

Syllabus Template - Black & White

Transamerica - Cancer Ins
Transcript Request Off Campus - Transcript Request

Tuition Waiver/Discount - Tuition Waiver Discount Form
UA Accident Report Form - Auto Accident Form

UAS Medical - Summary plan document
Vehicle Request Form - Request for use of a College Vehicle
Vendor Information - Current Vendor Form
W-9 Vendor Form - W-9 form required for all vendors