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Title III Installs New Interactive Instructional Technology

During years 1-5 Title III Grant purchased twenty-seven Smartboards with accompanying projectors to improve technology on PCCUA campuses in Helena, Dewitt, and Stuttgart.  Along with Smartboards and projectors, labs and classrooms were updated with desktops, laptops, storage cabinets, sympodiums, document camera, Elmos and printers.  This updated technology aided in learning for students as well as adding to professional development for faculty and staff.

Previous student/peer tutoring pilots for developmental education classes deemed it necessary to pilot student/professional tutors for core science classes.  Science courses being used for the pilot include biology, (including microbiology) anatomy & physiology, physical science and calculus.



Storage Cabinets include security locks and access to recharge laptops when not in use.


Title III Grant implemented a new Tracking/Early Alert/Referral and Advising System with the purchase of software from Datatel Systems.  It is being used by instructors, advisors, and (intervention specialists) student success coordinators.    



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