PCCUA Title III Grant Program
The overall goal of the Title III activities is to Maximize Student Retention and Academic Achievement at Phillips Community College at University of Arkansas. Our focus will be increasing retention rates and improving academic achievement. Evolving from our analysis and planning process were a number of goals, seven of which are specifically addressed in our proposed Project.
Academic Programs
  • Improve the content and delivery of developmental/basic skills curriculum.
  • Provide professional development support for faculty in effective classroom technology and instructional deliver methods.
Institutional Management
  • Establish a coordinated data collection and interpretation function and implement a comprehensive student information system.
  • Improve student orientation and placement placement, education/career planning and advising.
  • Improve early alert/referral and progress tracking/degree audit systems.
Fiscal Stability
  • Improve student success and retention to revenues.
  • Develop alternative funding sources, including increased endowment.

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