ADN Committee Meetings


Meeting Frequency, Day, Time, and Place

Faculty, Curriculum, and Assessment

The first and third Wednesday beginning at 2:30, N102
Helena-West Helena campus;  C128 Stuttgart Campus


After fall and spring application deadlines and as needed  on the Helena-West Helena Campus.

Promotion and Graduation

At the beginning and/or end of each semester and as needed on the Helena-West Helena Campus.


As needed. N102 Helena-West Helena; C128 Stuttgart Campus

Arkansas and Phillips County Advisory Committees

Annually in Arkansas and Phillips County. A letter is mailed to committee members noting the date and time of meetings.

Allied Health Infection Control

As needed on the Helena-West Helena Campus.

ADN Student Forums

Student forums are held twice a semester to provide an opportunity for students to have input into program governance. Forums are announced by faculty one week in advance of the scheduled meeting.