EMT Program Mission and End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes


As an integral part of the larger college system, the Emergency Medical Technician program faculty endorses the mission of Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas (PCCUA) which is committed to helping every student succeed. The College provides high-quality, accessible, educational opportunities and skills development to promote life-long learning and engage in the lives of its students and communities (College Catalog). The EMT faculty adheres to that mission when offering the Emergency Medical Technician program. The mission of the Emergency Medical Technician program is to provide a high quality educational program that prepares the student to respond as an emergency medical technician to provide care for individuals experiencing medical emergencies or traumatic injuries.


End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the following skills in accordance with National DOT standards:
    • Mouth-to-mask ventilation with supplemental Oxygen
    • Bag valve mask ventilation (apneic patient)
    • Airway, oxygen, and ventilation skills
    • Cardiac arrest management skills/AED
    • Assessment of a trauma/medical patient
    • Bleeding control and wound management
    • Immobilization skills of long bone injuries, long bone, joint, and traction
    • Immobilization skills of the spinal injured patient, seated and supine
  • Demonstrate safety and competency in the performance of skills that comply with National Registry Standards.
  • Model professional behavior when interacting with the healthcare team.