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Essential Functions of a Medical Laboratory Technician

These essential functions represent the non-academic demands of an MLT. All applicants are expected to meet these requirements.

Communication Skills: Must be able to communicate effectively in written and spoken English. Must be able to comprehend and respond to both formal and colloquial English both directly and by telephone.

Movement Requirements: One must be able to move readily from one location to another in such physical settings as the clinical laboratory, patient rooms, emergency center, elevators and stairways. One must be able to reach patients lying in hospital bed and patients seated. One must be able to perform delicate manipulations which require good eye-hand coordination. Must have ordinary ability to lift and move objects. One must have unimpaired sense of touch and temperature discrimination.

Visual: Must have good visual acuity with ability to discriminate color reactions.

Behavioral: Must be able to maintain patient confidentiality and exercise ethical judgment, integrity, honesty, dependability and accountability in the performance of their laboratory responsibilities and function effectively under stress and taxing workloads.