NA Program Mission and End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes


As an integral part of the larger college system, the Nursing Assistant program faculty endorses the mission of Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas (PCCUA) which is committed to helping every student succeed. The College provides high-quality, accessible, educational opportunities and skills development to promote life-long learning and engage in the lives of its students and communities (College Catalog). The Nursing Assistant faculty adheres to that mission when offering the Nursing Assistant program. The mission of the Nursing Assistant program is to provide a high quality educational program that prepares the student to use basic nursing assistant skills when caring for individuals at home or in acute- or long-term care facilities.

End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Administer safe and effective care to one or more assigned patients.
  • Use appropriate communication techniques and interpersonal skills when interacting with patients and members of the healthcare team.
  • Follow universal precautions to protect the health of patients and members of the healthcare team.
  • Implement interventions that maintain patient safety when providing routine patient care and care during emergency situations.
  • Apply principles of delegation as they relate to the role of a nursing assistant in a clinical setting.
  • Promote patient independence and right to actively participate in healthcare decisions.
  • Adhere to professional ethics and legal responsibilities when practicing as a nursing assistant.
  • Demonstrate competence in providing personal care and basic nursing assistant skills to patients.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic restorative services provided by the nursing assistant as well as agency policy and procedures when administering patient care.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of patients’ cognitive, behavioral, and social characteristics that impact patients’ health and well-being.