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PN Admission Criteria


In accordance with college policy as stated in the College Catalog, this publication is not to be construed as a contract between the student and the Practical Nursing Program. All programs within the Division of Allied Health reserve the right to make changes at any time in individual courses, the curriculum leading to a degree or certificate, as well as policies contained in the PN Information Packet, PCCUA College Catalog, student handbooks, and Web. Students must be familiar with, observant of, and subject to all rules and regulations of PCCUA.


Students are admitted to the Practical Nursing Program (PN) every third semester on the Helena-West Helena and DeWitt campuses. Students who wish to be considered for admission to the PN Program must meet the following criteria:

  1. Fulfill all college admission requirements
  2. Be at least 18 years of age
  3. Submit official high school transcript documenting graduation from high school or official Arkansas High School Diploma/GED certificate and official transcripts from all previously attended colleges to the Registrar's office and PN Program Coordinator. These documents must be received in the Nursing Department on the DeWitt campus  by the application deadline date.
  4. Document a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average in all courses taken at PCCUA
  5. Provide SAT, ACT, or ACCUPLACER scores taken within the last 4 years that meet the minimum skill level in reading, math, and English or complete all required developmental courses prior to making application to the nursing program.
  6. Complete EH 113 (ENGL 1013), Composition I, and MS 1123, Intermediate Algebra, or higher with a grade of "C" or better. Applicants who repeat EH 113 (ENGL 1013) or MS 1123 more than one time in the past 5 years to remove a grade of "D", "F" or "EW" will not be considered for admission.
  7. Submit a completed PN Program application to the PN Program Coordinator on the DeWitt campus. The application must be received by mail in the Nursing Department on the DeWitt campus by June 1st for admission to the fall semester and October 1st for admission to the spring semester. Applications are accepted by mail only.
  8. Students who speak English as a second language must also take the ESL Accuplacer exam to prove proficiency in English. The following scores are required in each category:
    1. Listening: A minimum score of 106
    2. Reading: A minimum score of 116
    3. WritePlacer ESL: A minimum score of 5

Rare exceptions for individuals seeking admission may be made by the Faculty Committee.

All students who meet minimum admission criteria will be accepted unless the number of qualified applicants exceeds space available. This means MEETING THE MINIMUM CRITERIA FOR ADMISSION OR TAKING courses REQUIRED for the nursing certificate DOES NOT GUARANTEE

Selection Process

  1. Qualified applicants will be ranked according to the total number of quality points earned in EH 113 (ENGL 1013) and MS 1123.  When an applicant takes a higher level math as the first college level math course, that math course will be used in lieu of MS 1123 for ranking purposes. A maximum of 24 quality points is possible. Students who receive college credit through CLEP for a course required for the PN curricular pattern will be given quality points equivalent to a course grade of "A" for ranking purposes.
  2. In addition, to earned quality points, points will be added for the highest level math course completed with a "C" or better as follows: MS 123 (MATH 1103), college Algebra 1 point; Trigonometry, 2 points; Finite Math, 3 points; Calculus I, 4 points; Calculus II, 5 points; and Calculus III, 6 points.
  3. When two or more qualified applicants have an equal number of quality points, applicants will be admitted according to the date and time the application was received in the Nursing Department office on the DeWitt campus.

Applicants not selected for admission and/or applicants who elect not to enroll in the Practical Nursing Program must repeat the application process that includes submitting a new application to the Practical Nursing Program.

Admission After Application Deadline

When space is available, qualified applicants who apply after the deadline will be considered for admission on a first-come, first-served basis.

Enrollment Process

Before enrolling in first semester practical nursing courses, the student must provide the following documents:

  1. Completed Health Statement
  2. Proof of immunization compliance
    1. Current Td or Tdap
    2. Two Varicella or positive titer
    3. Two MMRs, if born after 1957 or positive titers
    4. Initiation of Hepatitis B series  or positive titer  
  3. Proof of a TB skin test within the last year
  4. Signed Communicable Disease Statement
  5. Current US federal or state issued photo ID, examples include:
    1. US passport
    2. US military ID
    3. State driver's license
  6. Proof of professional liability insurance
  7. Attend scheduled mandatory orientation session for nursing the week of fall or spring registration

No late enrollment is allowed. Students are expected to furnish their own transportation to and from the clinical area.

After Enrollment

Proof of influenza (flu) immunization is required by November 1st of each academic year.

Students admitted to the PN program on the distance Helena-West Helena campus are expected to come on occasion to the DeWitt campus to participate in scheduled program activities.