PN Program Textbook Requirements

Spring 2023: Level II Required Texts

The following products must be purchased from the PCCUA Bookstore:

  • PN Lab Pack Level II (charge incurred each semester)
  • Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Basic Essentials Package (charge incurred each semester)

The following required texts may be purchased from the PCCUA Bookstore or purchased from another vendor.

Title Author ISBN#

Foundations of Nursing, 9th ed.

Cooper and Gosnell 9780323812030

Adult Health Nursing, 9th ed. 

Cooper and Gosnell 9780323811613
Mosby's Drug Guide for Students, 15th ed. Skidmore-Roth 9780443105937


The following required text may be purchased from the PCCUA Bookstore or purchased from

Title Author ISBN#

Shadow Health Digital Clinical Experiences