Current Students

Lisa Warren
AAS Office Technology

"I’ve been attending PCCUA for 2 Years and I’m really excited about all the possibilities that have been presented to me. All of my instructors have been super supportive and have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I want to thank each one of them for all they do for their students and the college itself. I know the skills that I have gained here will help me tremendously in the future."

Deshyra Martin
AA Business Administration

"My experience at Phillips Community College has been great! My first year at the college was in 2016. At that time, I was going for a degree in Nursing. I got in the PN program and loved it, but there was one problem, the program was taught in DeWitt, and I had trouble getting to school. I needed to switch majors to something that would work with my schedule and personal life. I chose Business Administration, because I noticed how much I use business concepts every day. As of today, my experience here has been great, and I am close to graduating! I never thought I would see this day coming with all the distractions that have gotten in the way. I am completing one of my dreams and want to continue with the rest of my dreams."

Haley Atkinson
AAS Office Technology

"When I started my journey to get an associate’s degree in office technology, I was a little nervous that I would have a hard time learning and comprehending everything. The teachers have helped explain and have taught everything in a way that is easy to understand, and have helped teach us skills that will be beneficial in the work place. Along with the kind words of encouragement, I have always seen the teachers with a smile and willing to help whoever needs it. PCCUA is a wonderful college full of wonderful people!"

Mamie Stevenson
AAS Business Management

"I previously received my degree in Office Technology. However, after managing to successfully get my children through school, I decided to pursue another degree. I am currently a full-time student pursuing my degree in Business Management. I chose to come back to PCCUA because they have great advisors and staff that are willing to accommodate you with your classes and schedule."

Eddie Hoskins
AA Business Administration

"I was asked how much of an impact have the business instructors had on me while attending PCCUA. Tremendous, would be the only word to describe the impact that the leadership and confidence my instructors have displayed while providing me with the skills I’ll need as I move towards my career.

In spring 2019, taking the first steps and actually enrolling in college was not only intimidating but earning a degree in business seemed impossible. I remember thinking to myself how can a person who has been out of school since 2000 complete these many hours?

Once Mrs. Quattlebaum and I discussed my goals and how to accomplish them all of my worries were driven away. I begin to gain confidence with every class I would take and conquer. Every now and then I think about how I almost decided to wait another year and now I’m a semester and a half away from walking across the stage and accomplishing my goal. Truth be told, I get emotional at the very thought of it.

My advice to anyone who is considering coming to or back to college but may be hesitant like I was is to take a leap of faith. Believe in yourself and what you want to become in life. Step by step the instructors at PCCUA will be with you every step of the way."