Provisional Students

Provisional students not seeking a certificate or an associate degree

  1. For admission, complete a PCCUA Application for Admission, which may obtained from the Admissions/Student Services Office or Application_Packet_Document.
  2. For enrollment in a college-level math or English course, provide results of ACT or NG ACCUPLACER testing along with a completed application. PCCUA administers the NG ACCUPLACER test on a daily basis. Appointments may be made with Ronda Golden at (870) 946-3506, ext. 1602 (DeWitt), Vickie Gregory at (870) 338-6474, ext. 1134 (Helena-West Helena), or Sonya Allen-Jenkins at (870) 673-4201, ext. 1828 (Stuttgart).

Note: Provisional students are not eligible for financial aid. When a provisional student has completed a total of 12 credit hours or wishes to enroll in courses which will cause the student to exceed 12 credit hours, the student is no longer eligible to enroll in a provisional status. Prior to enrolling in courses which exceed the 12-hour limit, the student must complete all of the general admission requirements and be admitted to the College. After being admitted to the College, the student will be assigned an academic advisor and may continue to take courses without pursuing an award.

Class Audit: Any course that is offered for which a student is eligible may be audited by the student. A student on credit status or a student who is entering and is eligible for credit status may elect at the time of registration to enroll on an audit basis. Students enrolled on an audit basis will receive a grade of "AU" and cannot receive college credit.

The tuition and fees for credit courses taken on an audit basis are the same as they would be on a credit basis.