Transfer Students

Note: Students transferring from another college or university must provide the following in addition to satisfying the requirements listed in Full-time and Part-time Registration.

Provide an official transcript from all colleges attended. Transfer applicants should submit an official transcript from all colleges attended. Instruct the institution to submit the transcript directly to PCCUA, P.O. Box 785, Helena-West Helena, AR 72342. If transcript is in a maiden name, instruct the College to indicate current last name on form. Students who have successfully completed 15 college-level credit hours are not required to submit a high school transcript. Click here to obtain a transcript request form.

PCCUA accepts the transfer-in of college credits when the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. The credits were earned at a postsecondary institution having regional accreditation authorized to award the associate degree.
  2. The course credits being transferred are applicable for satisfying a requirement in the PCCUA program of study being pursued by the student.
  3. The grade earned is a "C" or higher. PCCUA will accept one "D"; however, certain programs may not.

In some cases, credits may be accepted from institutions having special professional accreditation. Such special accreditation must be at a level which is commonly recognized as setting the professional standards for certification or licensing in the profession.

In those cases where there is a question about the acceptability of credits earned at any other institution, PCCUA shall follow the policy of the major state university in the home state of that institution. If that university would accept the credits in question, as a general rule, so will PCCUA.