Campus Action Referral and Evaluation System

Purpose of PCCUA C.A.R.E.S.

To have a group of campus professionals who respond to reports of concern regarding students’ academic progress and well-being.

How to Get Started

Faculty, staff, students, and parents can access this tool by accessing the link on Ridge Net. Parents please note that you must have student’s permission and the student’s information to access the portal. When using this portal, students please note that you are enabling appropriate PCCUA Faculty and Staff to proactively respond to concerns about disruption to your personal and academic learning environment.

The Process

The process will involve personnel reaching out to students quickly to connect them with the necessary resources to positively impact their situation. After which, staff will continue to follow-up with student(s) periodically to ensure their well-being. We address issues including (but not limited to) situations of proper time management, external distractions, stress management, mental health concerns, academic performance problems, Code of Conduct violations, classroom disruptions, Title IX issues, Clery Act related issues and/or issues of academic integrity (e.g. plagiarism). 

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