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Book Club - Helena Campus

Regular Book Club Meetings

Place: Bonner Student Center (Helena-West Helena Campus)

Time: 12:00-1:00 p.m. (Aug-Dec) - (Jan-May)

Days: Meetings ever other Thursday

Discussion with Lunch provided
Fund-Raising Events, Includes Relay for Life (American Cancer Society)
Presentation of Black History and other Programs
Memphis Trip for dinner and a play at the Orpheum Theatre

All are welcome, with or without a book.

Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Book Selection

"The Store doesn't just want your money—it wants your soul.

Imagine a future of unparalleled convenience. A powerful retailer, The Store, can deliver anything to your door, anticipating the needs and desires you didn't even know you had. Most people are fine with that, but not Jacob and Megan Brandeis. New York writers whose livelihood is on the brink of extinction, Jacob and Megan are going undercover to dig up The Store's secrets in a book that could change the entire American way of life—or put an end to Jacob's. After a series of unsettling discoveries, Jacob and Megan's worst fears about The Store seem like just the beginning. With nothing escaping The Store's watchful eye, harboring a secret that could get him killed, Jacob has to find a way to publish his expose--before the truth dies with him."


Ruthie Pride

Interim Librarian
Helena-West Helena Campus

Phone: (870) 338-6474, Ext. 1145