Beginning in the Summer of 2023, PCCUA will begin offering the ROWDY-RENTS Textbook Rental Program!  This program will allow students to rent textbooks at the low rate of $22 per credit hour.  Students must either “opt-in” or “opt-out” meaning they will rent all or none of their textbooks from the College.  Students will not be charged for courses which do not require a textbook.  If a student wishes to purchase their textbooks, they must purchase them from external book vendors such as Amazon, Chegg, etc.

For more information, please check the following links:

All who are not participating in the Rowdy Rental program must opt-out. Failure to do so will result in book rental charges.




Any student enrolled in a course using a code will be required to pay a rental fee. Courses using a code with a high cost may be required to pay an additional $10-$50.