Program Benefits

Advantages of using PCCUA High School Enrollment Programs
  • Experience college level course work while in high school
  • Students enter college with credit earned while in high school  which enables them to enter a college or university with one or two semesters of course work completed
  • College credit in high school can reduce the time it takes to complete a degree and decrease the expense of college
  • PCCUA general education courses are easily transferable to other Arkansas colleges and universities


  • Instructors work with PCCUA department faculty members
  • Instructors network with other adjunct instructors teaching on the high school campus
  • Access to PCCUA library, computer labs, computer accounts, and other classroom resources
  • Adjunct instructors are eligible to receive certain PCCUA instructor privileges


  • Offering college level courses elevates student and parent expectations for college curriculum opportunities
  • Professional development opportunities are available instructors
  • All schools can benefit from collaboration with PCCUA