UA AA Online Academic Calendar

PCCUA, UACCB and UACCH collaborate to offer online courses to complete an Associate of Arts degree. Below is the UA AA Online Consortium Academic Calendar.

Summer 2021

June 1 (T) Last day to register for online classes
June 2 (W) Online classes begin
July 27, 28 (W/TH) Online midterm proctored exams
July 30 (T) Online final grades due

Fall 2021

August 17 (T) Last day to register for online classes
August 23 (M) Online classes begin
Fast Track I begins
October 13-14 (W/TH) Online mid-term proctored exams
Fast Track I final exam
October 19 (T) Online mid-term advisory grades due
Fast Track II begins
December 6-8 (M-W) Online final proctored exams
Fast Track II final exams
December 9 (TH) Online grades due