Emergency Alert System

Should weather conditions necessitate class cancellations or campus closings, students will be notified by text message, email, announcements over local television and radio stations, and by a recorded message on the campus telephone system. Please note that just because one campus is closed due to weather or other conditions, do not assume that all campuses are closed. Contact the campus you are attending or the instructor for specific class information. 

PCCUA is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment that promotes student success. Students are strongly encouraged to register their mobile phone numbers with the PCCUA Emergency Notification System, Send Word Now. This is voluntary, and there is no cost to register for the system. Depending on the mobile phone plan, students may be charged for text messages that are sent to students.

Please click here to access the My Ridgenet portal and register for the Emergency Notification System. In order to make sure accurate information is received, all returning students are asked to re-register for the service. No information from previous semesters will be carried over into this system. 

Disclaimer: Send Word Now is a vital part of the PCCUA Emergency Notification Plan. While no communication system can be 100% effective, students who do not choose to register for Send Word Now will not receive emergency notifications via their mobile telephones. By opting out, students are declining to be informed of information that may be of great importance.