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Tutoring Services

Study Labs, Tutoring

Each campus has a computer lab for studying, tutoring, testing and other Student Support Services resources and activities. The Individual Academic Enhancement (IAE) Center on the DeWitt Campus is located in Room A110. The Academic Skills Department on the Helena-West Helena Campus is located in Room C110 of the Arts and Sciences building. The STAR Center is also available on the Helena-West Helena Campus. The Learning Lab on the Stuttgart Campus is located in Room B105. Student support staff is available in each lab for assistance, and lab hours are posted on each campus.

Study Skills/Tips

Reading and Remembering

  • Read with a reason
    • Before reading, scan to find the important points (look for bold face, italics, and summaries)
    • Stop occasionally and put what you are reading into your own words
    • As you read, try to predict what will come next
    • Pay attention to subheadings and ask yourself how the subheading relates to the paragraph
    • Keep the big picture in mind. Ask yourself how what you are reading relates to the overall chapter, or to the class lecture.
  • Highlighting and Note Taking
    • Read a passage all the way through before you highlight
    • Always follow-up a highlight with a note in the margin
    • Make connections-how does this point relate to something else significant

Science Study Tips

  • Plan to start studying for the first exam from day one of lecture. It's easier to do well if you don't fall behind
  • Use charts and concept maps to tie ideas together - focus on the "big picture" as well as the details
  • PRACTICE! Use any and all practice problems without your notes
  • Don't get caught up in memorization - focus on application
  • Use our lab class. Watch for connections and think of it as a "hands-on" version of your lecture
  • Use your textbook to help you understand concepts covered in lecture. Work in a group and teach each other. The internet can also be a great resource for clarifying concepts.

Mathematics Study Tips

  • Do homework with a purpose
    • Take a moment to think about each exercise
    • Try to understand why you performed the steps that you performed
    • Try to think of other methods that can be used to solve the problem
    • Work homework without notes
    • Start graded homework at least two days before it is due
    • Quiz yourself at the end of each study period
  • Make a Glossary
    • Your glossary should contain a list of terms, definitions, theorems and important formulas
    • Include examples whenever possible
    • Study the list regularly
    • Use note cards for very important material or material that will be used all term/semester
  • Read the Textbook
    • Write out the examples and fill in the missing steps
    • Highlight terms that you don't understand and add them to your glossary
  • Work as many exercises as necessary
    • Work the recommended exercises as well as the exercises that will be submitted for grad
    • Find ways to determine if you answer is reasonable
  • Make a practice test
    • Create your own exercises
    • The practice test should contain problems that you would hate to see on the actual exam
    • Work the practice test under actual testing conditions (for example- 50 minute time period, calculator only, no notes)


Shawanna Wansley

College and Continuing Education Coordinator
DeWitt Campus

Phone: (870) 946-3506, Ext. 1628

Helena-West Helena

Mark Sellers

Multipurpose Learning Center Coordinator
Helena-West Helena Campus

Phone: (870) 338-6474, Ext. 1075


Sonya Allen

Learning Center Coordinator
Stuttgart Campus

Phone: (870) 673-4201, Ext. 1828