Make the most of your college dollars! Choose PCCUA!
Posted Date: 7/26/23

Start smart! Make the most of your college dollar$. Enjoy a world of rewards for choosing PCCUA!
May be a graphic of text that says 'UOA TrA PHILLIPS TUITION Full Full-time Students (15 credit hours or more) START Phillips/Arkansas County resident: $1,155 $1,365 Out-of-District resident: (Coahoma, DeSoto, Tunica, Quitman & Bolivar residents of MS and residents of Shelby County, TN, are classified as "out-of-district." Non-Arkansas resident: SMART $2,175 Part-time Students (less than 15 credit hours) $77 Phillips/Arkansas County resident: (per semester hour) Out-of-District (per semester hour) Non-Arkansas resident (per semester hour) $91 With Our Back to college Prices! $145'
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