Rowdy Ride

Rowdy Ride

What is the Rowdy Ride?

PCCUA wants to assist you with your college start by providing free and reliable transportation to the Helena-West Helena area students who live within a reasonable distance from campus.  

When should Rowdy Ride be used?

The Rowdy Ride should be seen as a “Plan B” option when other plans have fallen through or an unexpected situation arises where a student needs transportation. A few reasons to use the Rowdy Ride include:

  1. Do not have a vehicle
  2. Your current ride was not able to pick-up or drop-off
  3. Your vehicle is no longer 

How does Rowdy Ride work?

To register for a seat, click on the following link:

If you do not have computer access, you can call 870-338-6474, ext. 1235 or the van cell at 870-714-9694. A dispatcher will ask for information such as your location, your student ID number, and your destination. The van will then transport you to campus or your residence. If you have special needs and require a wheelchair accessible vehicle please notify the dispatcher. If you do not utilize your reservation a minimum of 2 days then you seat will be given to the next passenger.

What if I need to cancel my ride?

If you need to cancel a scheduled ride for any reason, you must call 870-714-9694 and inform the dispatcher. Passengers who are not at the designated pick up point at the scheduled time will be considered a late show. Three late shows will be considered a no-show and will automatically suspend your seat reservation.  

Guidelines for Rowdy Ride Use

We want Safe Ride to be available to help any student in need. To ensure that we operate as safely as possible, several guidelines are in place. 
First, individuals who create a disturbance on the bus can be denied service. If the driver determines that a student is a danger to themselves or others, service may be denied and police may be contacted in order to ensure the safety of the student.

Alcoholic beverages and hazardous materials will not be allowed on the bus. Hazardous materials include but are not limited to gasoline and car batteries. The driver will determine what materials are hazardous.

What if I think I lost something on the Rowdy Ride?

If you think that you have lost something on Rowdy Ride you may call dispatch at 870-714-9694 the day that you think you have lost something and special arrangements can be made to retrieve your item(s).

Important Info

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Contact Info


Monday thru Thursday

7:30 am-3:00 pm. 

The Rowdy Ride does not operate on Friday’s or during the summer.

Rowdy Ride Cell
Helena-West Helena
Kimberley Johnson | Vice Chancellor for Student Services
Helena-West Helena