Project One

Project One is the project to replace and update core administrative systems for finance, procurement, human capital management, payroll and student administration within the University of Arkansas System. A number of UA System institutions were at, or had surpassed, the expected lifespan of their financial and human resource systems. As these systems age, they become increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain. After extensive review, the UA System determined that it would be more cost effective to move all institutions into one system rather than piecemeal fashion.

Workday is a single, cloud-based solution for finance and human resources that is easily accessible at any time from a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Workday has been implemented by more than 100 other higher education institutions.

  • Team Leader - Dr. Keith Pinchback, Chancellor
  • Change Champion - Stan Sullivant
  • HCM Project Lead - Rhonda St. Columbia
  • Finance/FDM Project Lead - Stephanie Terry
  • Technical Lead - Lee Williams
  • Academic Advisory Lead - Dr. Deborah King
  • Student Lead - Dr. Kimberley Johnson


Introducing Workday Student!

Our campus is one of several UA System institutions in the early stages of implementing Workday Student to replace our current student information system and is scheduled to begin deployment in Fall 2023. The implementation, called Project One Student, consists of a partnership between a team from the UA System office and key stakeholders from our campus. The Project One Student team and our institutional project team are excited to be able to share some initial insights about your important role in this monumental transformation of the student experience.

Why are we making this change?
The number one reason for this change is the significant enhancement to the student experience resulting from a modern, cloud-based, and mobile-friendly environment. Weknow that today’s student has expectations for digital technology, and we need to meet them where they are. From a practical standpoint, many UA System institutions have legacy systems reaching end of life or are not adaptable enough to meet our ever-changing needs. Taking a system-wide approach to a common student information platform is expected to result in cost savings, knowledge sharing across institutions, and an easier path for students to transfer within the UA System.

What will be changing?
Processes done in our current student system will be moving to Workday, including Student Records, Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Academic Advising, Recruiting, and Admissions.

Who will be affected?
Faculty and staff will continue to engage with Workday for routine tasks related to employee self-service and their role as a manager, if applicable. With the addition of Workday Student, all student support staff, advisers, faculty, and students will transition from using our current system to Workday in stages.

How will this be different from the Workday we use now?
Adding Student modules to Workday brings Financial Management, Human Resources, Planning, and Student applications all together in a single platform with direct access to real-time reports and data— all of it accessible from anywhere at any time. There is no separate Workday Student website or login – you will simply see new student applications/modules in the Workday you use today.

What happens next?
The Project One Student and institutional project teams will continue to work together to configure the Workday platform to meet the needs of our campus community. After configuration, the system and it’s processes will be tested by members of our campus community.

More information about the project, key benefits, and your role using Workday Student is available in the attached handout! Please reach out to me as your Student Lead at for additional details.
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Dr. Kimberley Johnson | Vice Chancellor for Student Services