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  2023 Academic Reflections



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Professional Development
Spring 2024
Chief Academic Affairs Officer
Academic Affairs Handbook (ADHE Guide)

Four Priority Action Areas:
  • Reducing stand-alone remedial courses in English and math across all institutions
  • Eliminating the use of single placement test scores for student placement
  • Expanding co-requisite courses within Arkansas institutions
  • Establishing and expanding math pathways across all institutions

SStF Coaches

  • Intentional and Purposeful Advising
    • Advisors
    • Student Support Services
  • Use of Clearly Defined Guided Pathways
  • Career Coaching-Exploration, Virtual Center
  • Financial Coaching
  • Tutoring and Other Academic Support
  • Learning Centers
  • Faculty Three-Week Assessment with Interventions
  • Use of Multiple Student Supports
    • Benefits Access
    • Transportation
    • Child Care
    • Emergency Fund
    • Tuition Assistance
      • Career Pathways
      • Financial Aid
      • Scholarships
    • Career Closet
    • Food Pantries
    • Career Ready 101
    • Career Readiness Certificate
Note: Interventions are supplemental instruction, Student Success I & II, Mandatory Orientaiton and more. 
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Contact Info

Dr. Deborah King | Vice Chancellor for Instruction, PCCUA Chief Academic Officer
Helena-West Helena