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The Faculty Inquiry is important to college data and research. Participation by faculty in the Faculty Inquiry Group is essential because it is through discussion and analysis by the mathematics and the English/reading faculty that decisions about change, what works and what isn’t working, and general discussions about instructions and learning occur. This group facilitates regularly scheduled team meetings to develop and research focused inquiries on student learning in developmental and gateway education.

1. Submission of a departmental inquiry report documenting progress and findings about student enrollment.
2. Some faculty engage in sharing outcomes and FIG actions with colleagues at other Arkansas two-year colleges.
On occasion, both the English and math faculty work together on the inquiry team. At times, student contribute toward information about the FIG work. The FIG activity relies on review the rubric for consistency in counting for homework, completion, attendance, etc.

FIG Leaders
Math FIG Lead
Gary Torelli, Math Instructor on the Stuttgart and DeWitt Campuses

English and reading FIG Lead
Vivian Hoskins, Reading and writing instructor on the Helena-West Helena Campus
Chief Academic Affairs Officer
Academic Affairs Handbook (ADHE Guide)

Four Priority Action Areas:
  • Reducing stand-alone remedial courses in English and math across all institutions
  • Eliminating the use of single placement test scores for student placement
  • Expanding co-requisite courses within Arkansas institutions
  • Establishing and expanding math pathways across all institutions

SStF Coaches

  • Intentional and Purposeful Advising
    • Advisors
    • Student Support Services
  • Use of Clearly Defined Guided Pathways
  • Career Coaching-Exploration, Virtual Center
  • Financial Coaching
  • Tutoring and Other Academic Support
  • Learning Centers
  • Faculty Three-Week Assessment with Interventions
  • Use of Multiple Student Supports
    • Benefits Access
    • Transportation
    • Child Care
    • Emergency Fund
    • Tuition Assistance
      • Career Pathways
      • Financial Aid
      • Scholarships
    • Career Closet
    • Food Pantries
    • Career Ready 101
    • Career Readiness Certificate
Note: Interventions are supplemental instruction, Student Success I & II, Mandatory Orientaiton and more. 
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Contact Info

Dr. Deborah King | Vice Chancellor for Instruction, PCCUA Chief Academic Officer
Helena-West Helena