Narcan Dispensers

PCCUA has installed opioid overdose kits on all its campuses.  These kits contain Naloxone (Narcan), an opioid overdose reversal medication, as well as a CPR face mask with a one-way filtered valve.  Steps for administration are also included in the black supply pouch.

Opioid overdose is currently the leading cause of death among adults 50 years old and younger in the United States.  Without immediate intervention, opioid overdoses can quickly lead to death.

How do you know if someone has overdosed on an opioid?

  • Inability to awaken verbally or upon chestrubbing.

  • Shallow breathing, slow breathing of less than 3to 5 breaths per minute, or no breathing at all.

  • Exhaled breath with a raspy, labored sound, orsnoring sound.

  • Fingernails or lips turning blue/purple.

  • Slow speech.

Can I hurt someone by giving them Narcan if they haven’tused an opioid?

No, Narcan is harmless on non-opioid overdoses.

Who can administer Narcan?

No training is needed to administer Narcan.  Instructions are provided in each kit.

What is my liability by administering Narcan?

There is none. According to Arkansas Take Back,

The Opioid Antagonist Immunity Act (2015) SB880 allows individuals to administer naloxone in good faith without civil liability, criminal liability, or professional sanctions.The purpose is to enhance the emergency services of first responders, to create the naloxone access act, and to provide immunity for prescribing, dispensing, and administering naloxone and other opioid antagonists.

  1. Stimulate their breast bone with your knuckles.

  2. Call 911

  3. Administer naloxone (NARCAN)
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  4. Perform rescue breathing

  5. Place in recovery position if breathing. Lay them on their side.
  6. If the person does not respond after 3 to 5 minutes, administer a second dose.
  7. Monitor and stay with the person until help arrives.
  8. Encourage the Narcan recipient to go to the hospital after being revived.  Opioids stay in the body a long time and as the NARCAN wears off, the opioids may attach to the receptors again.  This could cause an overdose without ingesting more opioids.

NARCAN Locations

Narcan supply packs are found in the AED supply boxes in the following locations:
Campus Building Location
DeWitt Main Hallway East of Room B105
Helena Maintenance Hall by Restroom
Adult Education AE 101
Gym Lobby
Administration Mailroom
Library Main Counter - 2nd Floor
C Building Faculty Row
T & I Fishbowl
Fine Arts FA 150
Nursing Hallway in Lobby
Bonner Center Hallway outside Cafe
PT House Annex Counter
Stuttgart A Wing Lobby - Help Desk
A Wing Library
WMTC Office #10
Grand Prairie Center South side, across from salon A & B
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