Employees and other stakeholders have engaged in developing the PCCUA 2020-25 Strategic Plan. All employees were given an opportunity to provide input into its development.

The PCCUA Strategic Plan is driven by the College mission. PCCUA is a multi-campus, two-year college serving the communities of Eastern Arkansas. The college is committed to helping every student succeed. We provide high-quality, accessible educational opportunities and skills development to promote life-long learning, and we engage in the lives of our students. This Plan is also guided by three enduring values. Phillips Community College respects the diversity of its student body and community, and it also recognizes the worth and potential of each student. Therefore, the college affirms the following beliefs and values: we are committed to student success, the power of education to transform lives, and embracing diversity.

Based on these enduring values, the institutional priority is student success through the use of high impact strategies focused on recruitment, retention, and program completion. The college stakeholders are committed to student success and have an understanding that students succeed within the context of family and community. Through hard work and collective planning, the 2020-25 Strategic Plan has emerged. It is likely that during the next five years much within this Plan will be accomplished, modified or added to goals to this Plan. It is a dynamic document designed to evolve and change as the college community changes.