Advanced Placement Testing

PCCUA will award college credit to entering freshman based upon Advanced Placement Examination results. Credit will be awarded, but no grade will be assigned.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Policy

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a standardized, national examination by which students may earn college credit. The minimum scores acceptable for the awarding of credit, however, are determined by the individual college. Students enrolling at Phillips Community College may earn up to 30 hours of credit through either the general or subject examinations with the following provisions.

  1. No grade will be given for CLEP credit. CLEP credit will be entered on the transcript as "Credit by CLEP examination", and the CLEP score earned will be noted.
  2. CLEP credit will not be posted on the transcript until a student has earned nine (9) hours in regular coursework at PCCUA. At that point, the student should petition to the registrar to have the CLEP credit placed on the transcript.
  3. A student may not take the CLEP examination and receive CLEP credit after taking and completing with either a passing or failing grade a comparable course at PCCUA.
  4. CLEP credit earned at other colleges will be accepted at PCCUA provided the following score requirements listed are met, and an official CLEP score report is submitted.
  5. A fee is charged for each CLEP examination taken.
Approved General Examinations
General Examination PCCUA Course Min. Score for Credit Max. Credit Allowed
Mathematics Skills Content MS 123 (MATH 1103) when both subscores equal or exceed 50 3
English Composition* EH 113 (ENGL 1013) 50 3
English Composition* EH 113 & 123 (ENGL 1013/1023) 50 6
*90-minute multiple choice college composition modular test for EH 113 (ENGL 1013) credit. 90-minute modular test and a writing assessment with a minimum score of 50 for EH 113 & EH 123 credit (ENGL 1013/1023).
Approved Subject Examinations
General Examination PCCUA Course Minimum Score for Credit Maximum Credit Allowed
American Government PLS 213 (PLSC 2003) 65 3
Amer. History I HY 213 (HIST 2113) 54 3
Amer. History II HY 223 (HIST 2123) 56 3
Calculus with Elementary Functions MS 215 (MATH 2405) 65 5
College Algebra MS 123 (MATH 1103) 53 3
General Biology BY 114 (BIOL 1014) 50 4
General Biology BY 114/124 (BIOL 1014/1024) 60 8
General Chemistry CY 114/125 (CHEM 1414/1424) 65 8
General Psychology PSY 213 (PSYC 1103) 58 3
Introductory Business Law BAN 233 (BLAW 2003) 60 3
Introduction to Management BMGT 233 (BUSI 2103) 56 3
Introductory Macroeconomics ES 213 (ECON 2103) 54 3
Introductory Microeconomics ES 223 (ECON 2203) 55 3
Introductory Sociology SY 213 (SOCI 1013) 59 3
Western Civilization I HY 113 (HIST 1213) 57 3
Western Civilization II HY 123 (HIST 1223) 57 3
Information Systems Computer Applications CT 113 (CPSI 1003) 60 3

PCCUA also offers prior learning experience credit. See the Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Registrar to discuss this option. Students interested in taking CLEP examinations should contact the Testing Center to register for a CLEP examination. The CLEP examinations, the minimum scores required for CLEP credit, and the PCCUA course equivalents are listed in the Approved General Examinations box.