Reading and Writing Strategies

PCCUA Course
RWS 1014
ACTS Course
4 hours


Reading and Writing Strategies is designed to increase competence and fluency in basic reading and writing. The course provides instruction in writing processes, grammar, mechanics, usage, vocabulary development, basic reading strategies, and literal and critical reading comprehension skills. Instructional activities include drafting, revising, and editing processes, the development of specific reading strategies, such as identification of main ideas and supporting details, and the development of literal and critical comprehension using material from diverse disciplines including material from college text. Keyboarding experience is helpful but not required. This course, along with RWS 1012, is an alternative, accelerated option for those students whose placement test scores indicate placement into DS 103/ DS 1031 and EH 1013/EH 1011. Upon successful completion of RWS 1012 and this class, students will be eligible for DS 123/DS 1231 and EH 1023/EH 1021.


  • COMPASS Reading score 0-65 and Writing score 0-37.