CDL/Truck Driving
CP = Certificate of Proficiency | 17 hours

CDL/Truck Driving CP = Certificate of Proficiency | 17 hours
The PCCUA Commercial Driving License (CDL) Certiricate of Proficiency program, located on the Stuttgart and Helena campuses, prepares and trains new drivers with the skills and knowledge needed to pass the state skills test and obtain a Class “A” CDL license. The program incorporates driving, non-driving, and basic skills needed to drive a truck. The CDL course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of safe and effective truck driving practices related to FMCSA regulations and truck driver protection laws. 
Campuses Offered At
H = Helena-West Helena Campus
S = Stuttgart Campus
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Upon successful completion of this program the student will be able to master the skills necessary to obtain a Class 'A' CDL. The student will also be able to understand and discuss the importance of safety as it relates to the operation of a semi-tractor and trailer in and around docks, shippers and consignees, in both city and/or over the road driving. 

The student will also beable to perform the following procedures:

  1. Drive and control a semi-tractor and trailer on local, city,county and interstate roads

  2. Perform vehicle inspections

  3. Shift gears

  4. Understand speed and space management

  5. Recognize road hazards, aggressive drivers/road rage

  6. Identify and avoid distracted driving and why

  7. Learn about night driving, driver fatigue, extreme driving conditions, hazardperception

  8. Learn about railroad crossings and how to cross them properly

  9. How to handle driving emergencies and accident procedures

  10. Rules about alcohol and other drugs

  11. Map reading and trip planning

  12. DOT Regulations

  13. Log Book and Hours of Service Regulations

  14. Accident reports

  15. Conduct pre and post-trip inspections, complete Driver Vehicle InspectionReports (DVIR)

  16. Perform maneuvers, straight line, off-set backing and parallel parking

  17. Double clutch and shift a 10-speed transmission

  18. Master turns, ramps, lane changes, space management and uphill and downhillshifting situations

  19. Passthe Class A skills Test (this is not an SLO but it is a major emphasis of thelearning)

  20. Students will be able to communicateeffectively in a written and oral manner.

  21. Students will demonstrate an understanding the principles ofeffective oral communication and be able to apply these principles in actualspeaking situations

  22. Students will demonstrate and understanding of industry interactions andbehaviors when engaging with those within and outside of the trucking industry(dress, manners, industry protocols, language usage, customer service skills).


Possible Careers

  • Commercial Truck Driver/Over the Road
  • Long Haul Cargo Truck Driver
  • Short Haul Cargo Truck Driver
  • Transportation Supervisor

Campus Contacts

Charlotte Purdy | Network Technology Instructor
Sylvia Boyd | Professional Advisor/Disabilities Coordinator
Linda Killion | Special Projects
Helena-West Helena
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