Early Childhood Education
CP = Certificate of Proficiency | 17 hours

Campuses Offered At
D = DeWitt Campus
H = Helena-West Helena Campus
S = Stuttgart Campus
In Person

Possible Careers

  1. 18 years or older
  2. Hold high school diploma or equivalent
  3. Be able to speak, read, and write well enough to fulfill responsibilities
  4. Sign a statement of ethical conduct
  5. Must be employed as a lead caregiver in a group of at least 8children ages 3-5 (10 children must be enrolled in the total program)
  6. 480 hours of experience working with children ages birth to five years (within the last five years)
1. Minimum of 120 clock hours of forma CDA training (minimum of 10 hours each area):
            a. Safety health, and learning environment
            b. Physical and intellectual development
            c. Social and emotional development
            d. Developing interpersonal relationships
            e. Management of program operation
            f. Commitment to teaching and professionalism
            g. Observing and recording children’s behavior
            h. Child growth and development
2. Observations on teaching site
3. Writing resume, portfolio, competency statements
4. All training necessary to pass the CDA Assessment
5. CPR for infants and children
A fee of $350 is assessed for Early Childhood Field Experience I (ECD 1001) and $375 is assessed for Field Experience II (ECD 1101). 

Campus Contacts

Christi Freeman | Early Childhood Instructor
Yvette Robertson Barnes | Director, Early Childhood
Helena-West Helena
Christi Freeman | Early Childhood Instructor
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