Graphic Communications
AAS = Associate of Applied Science | 60 hours

Fromthe creative drawing, computer-aided graphics to the technology of web design, graphic communications is custom make for every business. You don't have to go somewhere to see graphic design, it is everywhere you go! Explore the world of Graphic Communications!

Embedded within the Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Communications are the Technical Certificate in Graphic Communications and the Certificate of Proficiency in Graphic Communications.
Campuses Offered At
D = DeWitt Campus
H = Helena-West Helena Campus
S = Stuttgart Campus
In Person
  • The ability to solve communication problems, including the skills of problem identification, research and information gathering, analysis, generation of alternative solutions,

  • The ability to describe and respond to the audiences and contexts, which communication solutions must address, including recognition of the physical, cognitive, cultural, and social human factors that shape design decisions.

  • The ability to create and develop visual form in response to communication problems, including an understanding of principles of visual organization/composition, information hierarchy, symbolic representation, typography, aesthetics, and the construction of meaningful images.

  • An understanding of tools and technology, including their roles in the creation, reproduction, and distribution of visual messages. Relevant tools, technologies, and research include drawing, printing, photography, andtime-based and interactive media (film, video, computer multimedia).

  • An understanding of design from a variety of perspectives, including those of art history, communication, technology, and the social and cultural use of design objects.

  • An understanding of basic business practices, including the ability to organize design projects and to work productively as a member of teams.

Possible Careers

  • Illustrator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Animator
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Photographer
  • Advertizing/Editorial Photographer
  • Printmaker 
  • Production Designer

Campus Contacts

Shawanna Wansley | Counselor
Vicki Cobb | Graphic Communications Instructor/Director of Printing Services
Helena-West Helena
Charlotte Purdy | Network Technology Instructor
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